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NCCCO Training & Certification Exams

*** Winter/ SPRING 2020 Dates ***


Crane Class and Exam          KENAIALASKA    


What:    NCCCO Crane Operator Certification Exam & RECERTIFICATION testing.

Where:  Kenai, Alaska

When:   NCCCO Classroom and Exam Prep ~~-   Contact Us !!           NEW CLASS DATES !!

               NCCCO Written Exam  ~~~~~~~~~~~ Contact Us

                NCCCO Practical Exam ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Contact Us                                            CALL : 907-240-7953


NEXT Exams  Spring 2020                                                                                         

            OPEN PRACTICAL TESTING...... call for appointment.



---- If you are interested in scheduling a particular date or your location for certification testing

please contact us for further information!  


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*** Watch for New Dates  ***


What:   NCCCO Rigger1 and Signal Person Open Enrollment                                                       

Where:  Alaska Crane Consultants                                                                            Kenai Alaska                    

When:   NCCCO Signal Person Classroom ~~~~~~~       CONTACT US !!                

             NCCCO Rigger 1  Classroom ~~~~~~~~~~~~     TBD                         RIGGER / SIGNAL

             NCCCO Written Exams  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      TBD     

             NCCCO Signal Person Practical Exams  ~~~          TBD                         Call and Schedule        

             NCCCO Rigger 1 Practical Exams  ~~~~~~~~       TBD.                         Call Now !!   907-240-7953

           NCCCO Rigger 2 Practical Exams  ~~~~~~~~    TBD

           NEXT RIGGER EXAM:  TBD    WINTER 2019/2020        Recertification exams can also be taken at Open Testing Exams


Click for Rigger/Signal Person Forms

Rigger/Signal Person Training & Certification Exams

"Bill has given me both my written and practical NCCCO exams. He is very knowlegable and provides a level of expertise you will not find anywhere else. As a teacher and friend you could not pick a better person to trust and work for or with.“

S. Beaty, Crane Operator at ENI Petroleum

"I've known Bill as crane operator and he was one of the best and could be depended upon to operate safe. In his current capacity as a crane inspector and trainer Bill has effectively combined his skills as a crane operator and his thorough knowledge of cranes, the standards in which employers, operators and maintenance must comply with to ensure safe crane operations."

B. Carrier, HSET Supervisor at Alpine

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