training off-site
training off-site

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lifting a module



With over 40 years of experience in the crane industry, ACC strives to provide up-to-date training and consulting as an NCCCO certified crane operator and accredited Practical Examiner in all crane specialties. Alaska Crane ...

After nearly 50 years of working in the Heavy Equipment and Crane industry I am ready to retire.

Our schedule of classes will be limited  and slowly come to an end before summer.  There will be limited opportunities to test  at our site moving ahead.  Please call for assistance.

Bill will be retiring before summer 2021 and wants to help you to be up to date with your NCCCO certs.
Great Career Opportunity:
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CONTACT ME ASAP and see how I can help you slide into a tremendous career opportunity.
Join us at Alaska Crane Consultants in making it happen for you.


Please check back frequently for upcoming test dates. We are currently scheduling ...    
      Now Booking  2021
   ** Rigger /  Signal :  August 16-20, 2021
        Call 907-394-4470

We are pleased to offer our services in any regard relating to cranes, lift planning and inspections. As well as training or testing of your crane operators, riggers, signal persons, management or safety personnel. 


Please let us assist you with any of your crane needs, whether it be a complex question about a big lift or as simple as how to obtain a certification. ACC has your answers and wants to fulfill your crane needs. 


“Bill is a detail oriented Trainer and Crane Inspector. He will make sure your operators and equipment are ready for their tasks.”

J. Cheek, QC Manager at ASRC Energy Services, Inc.